Support of the Learn Live Lead Academy
will be done through
the Grace Foundation

Learn Live Lead Entrepreneurial Academy is a tuition-free, public school academy, offering all students an effective option to traditional education.

Located at 3000 W. Miller Road, the Academy will open its doors to students in September 2012, for grades K-6. (Applications of interest are also being taken for Grade 7.) Additional grades will be added each year until we are offering a full pre-K-12 program. Students starting with the positive culture that L3 provides, will be able to complete their education with L3. Learn Live Lead Entrepreneurial Academy is a unique student experience that meets and exceeds all State of Michigan educational standards.

An entrepreneurial education teaches children how to invest in themselves. It teaches the foundation of all successful business people: determination, hard work, accountability, and social responsibility. These are necessary skill sets in all walks of life.

Failure is not an option. We will provide each child with an individual learning plan that matches the child's interest and create a safe, structured, and exciting environment for learning.

Each student will receive individual attention, high quality instruction, and be exposed to a rigorous curriculum.

The focus of Learn Live Lead is on the academic, emotional, nutritional, and physical needs of the whole child, so that each child learns how to lead a healthy and successful life.

Each student will be prepared to excel as leaders in their community when they graduate. Every student will have the fundamental skills required of entrepreneurs.

Learn Live Lead will provide effective leadership, ambitious instruction, and dynamic teachers, in a safe and supportive school environment.